BLACK OPS Theatre Co.

Revolutionizing the state of black theatre by cutting against the grain of tradition and expectation. 

The Black Ops Theatre Company is a Durham-based theatre group dedicated to challenging preconceived notions (conscious and otherwise) on what Black Theatre should look like.  We are devoted to breaking down the frequent barriers that Black artists face by presenting multifaceted pieces that defy easy and typical categorization.   While continuing to honor the contributions of Black theatre creators who have blazed the trail for us we will also present work that is outside of the norm for artists of color, encouraging them to reach their full and broader creative potential.
Black Ops will accomplish its mission by:

Fostering the growth of Black actors, directors, technicians and administrators.

Serving as a haven for Black theatre artists in this city --where they can be confident in their chances of being cast.

Producing an assortment of playwrights and genres, ranging from classic to contemporary.

Consistently advancing and elevating the craft of theatre making through excellence and teaching  a respect for the transformative power of live art.

Inciting and invigorating the city of Durham through theatrical presentations of quality art.

Producing and encouraging new and innovative pieces by artist of color and minority playwrights.

Awakening an untapped audience for live theater-- as community “ART-TIVISTS” by offering community centered art functions and mixers as a part of our Art for the Soul Initiative.

Providing a home for all types of artistic expression.

Promoting financial and cultural accessibility.

Our first priority is to create and provide an excess of opportunities for Black artists however, we are not exclusionary. Black Ops is for anyone who supports the creation of art theatre by black Artist,  in a new and innovative way.​

Black Ops Theatre Company

is theatre without boundaries; we adhere to no creative restrictions and or expectations only a promise of continuous quality and professionalism.